The benefits of a new start

The beginning of a new year is the most popular time for new starts and changes. Even though most big plans tend to fail or get lost over time there are serious benefits of committing to the right type of change that makes it all worth the effort.

The need for change

Many of us are in desperate need of change for one reason or another. One very common situation is being sick of the rat race. The typical mundane lifestyle of an uninspiring office job no longer brings us any joy. Instead, it just drains our energy and suffocates our real qualities and potential.

Being stuck in the same type of life which we are perfectly aware is not the right choice but we have gotten used to is also not something unusual (unfortunately).

The reasons can be many but one certain thing is that if we do not feel happy we need to make a change. Big or small a difference in our typical lifestyle and habits can bring a new source of energy, happiness, inspiration, and passion. We just need to overcome the fear that comes with change and great things start to happen.

Making the decision

Most people are naturally scared of change. Being used to something even if it is not making you happy is a scary thing because you eventually start feeling comfortable. Breaking away from a habit or lifestyle is not such an easy task.

Fear is only stopping you because you allow it and let it overcome the hidden joys and pleasures of the new and unknown. It is a powerful emotion and an instinct which used to help us survive but in our current age, we need to sometimes put it aside to see the bigger picture.

A way to overcome the fear is to realistically think about all the benefits which will come with it. Most likely they will include those and many more:

  • Making your life exciting again

  • Learning new things

  • Overcoming new challenges

  • Improving personally and professionally

  • Being happier

  • Discovering new passions

  • Finding new joys of life

Volunteering as an option

Of course, the change that will bring back passion and joy in your life doesn’t have to be grand. However, many people consider taking some time for volunteering as a means of changing their lifestyle and rediscovering life.

The benefits of long-term volunteering done right are endless. If you are in the need of a lifestyle change or you feel like the path you are currently walking on is not bringing out the best of you it is really worth considering it.

A long-term volunteer programme unavoidably comes with freedom and rediscovering yourself, your passions, and strengths. It helps you make the needed transition between the mundane, draining, and dull everyday life and venture into an inspirational and potentially life-changing experience.

The importance of doing it in an ethical way

When it comes to volunteering we don’t mean to just “go and do good, helping the poor people”. Volunteering done ethically means that it is a process of cooperation and working together with others – doing something good and learning a lot of new things and skills in the process. It is an equal exchange.

Ethical volunteering rewards participants with numerous unforgettable experiences, lots of new knowledge, a changed mindset, and learned lessons. It also means that in the process of changing your lifestyle, improving your skills, and learning new things you also contribute to a project with a long-lasting positive effect.

You are given responsibility, access to new knowledge, and the freedom to express yourself and your ideas while unveiling your true potential. It is a great start for a great change.




Lindersvold is an international learning center that facilitates courses in community development and certification in non-traditional pedagogy. Our Center provides an opportunity to learn about the big issues of our time while preparing to assist community-driven projects in Zambia, Malawi or Mozambique. We believe in combining hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, alongside community living, gives students the best foundation for working with sustainable development and vulnerable youth.

The Ethical Aspect of Volunteering

As great of an endeavor as volunteering is, it is not as simple as “going somewhere and doing something good for people”. Contrary to popular belief volunteering can do more harm than good if not done ethically.

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