Student experiences


Q) What was the main reason you joined our programme?

A) “I wanted to change my education direction and started to look for other programmes where I could learn new skills and travel to new places. When I found this programme, I found it very different and interesting compared to other programmes.”

Q) What was the main reason you joined our programme?

A) At the moment, I am working in the same field as I did during the first year of the programme. I took part in many practical actions, working together on buildings, painting and general maintenance for example. During the period in Malawi, I learned skills, like teaching, farming, planning and running a project. What is more, I gained necessary experience both as a leader and working in a team, developing my self-confidence, ability to multitask and to be flexible.”

Q) What project did you work in? What was your responsibility? What did you archive?

A) I worked in Amalika in the Teacher Training College as a Core Group Teacher in Malawi. My responsibility was preparing courses, organizing, participating in meetings and working with youth clubs. During the project, I had a very good relationship with my co-teachers and students who were friendly and warm. From this experience, I learned Malawian culture, politics and people’s challenges in rural and urban places.”

Q) Has your programme influenced your decisions for your future?

A) ” Yes, it has. After the programme, I decided to continue working with what I have learned from all of the experiences. It was a life-changing experience where I developed myself and discovered what I want to do in the future.”

More Student Experiences


“I decided to continue working on what I learned from all of the experiences. It was a life-changing experience where I developed myself and discovered what I want to do in the future.”

Serhat from Turkey

DAPP MALAWI - Teacher Training

“This programme gave me an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, how to work in a team and I learned to handle complicated situations and how to deal with them dynamically.”

Sara from Italy

DAPP MALAWI - Preschools

“Our main achievement working in the project was the construction of preschools in the area around DAPP college. With fundraising and help from the community, we managed to build 6 structures” 

Greta from Italy

DAPP MALAWI - Preschools