September team has started

Welcome to our new September team. We are so happy to have you.
You can follow their path in the next 3 months in Denmark and after that in their projects.

    1. Sabina from Romania

    My name is Sabina and I would like to become a Development Instructor because I always wanted to feel like my work really matters. I want to improve everything I can, starting with my own self, and I cannot possibly think of a better use of the courage, passion and youthful energy that I have at exactly this moment. It’s time we better understand the world we live in. It’s time to be brave, get out of our comfort zone and try overcoming boundaries. 


    1. Adria from Spain

    Hello, I am Adria and I joined the programme because I was tired of my work. I worked as an engineer which is a well-paid sector, but I was only working for the interest of others, I did not feel satisfied. Many times, my opinion did not count for anything, so I decided I need a change from that. I wanted to learn things in other fields and use my experience in another way. And I always like to test myself in different situations so the programme was the perfect option.


    1. Carlos from Spain

    I am Carlos Canales from the South of Spain. My passions are sports and travel and they motivated me to live in different countries and dream of being able to work around the world. Last year I did a volunteer program teaching Physical Education in Rwanda and that has inspired me to join another project of that type.


    Soy Carlos Canales del sur de España, mi pasión es el deporte y viajar, eso me ha hecho vivir en diferentes países y soñar con poder trabajar alrededor del mundo. El año pasado realicé un voluntariado dando clases de Educación Física en Rwanda y eso me ha motivado a unirme de nuevo a otro proyecto como este.


    1. Leyre from Spain

    I’m Leyre from Spain (27) and I used to work as an Event Coordinator. 
    I’m here to learn how to ride this beautiful road named life in a community way.

    Soy Leyre de España (27) y suelo dedicarme a la organización de eventos. 

    Estoy aquí para aprender más sorbe este viaje llamado vida compartiendo en comunidad. 


    1. Paula from Spain

    My name is Paula, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Spain. After spending a long time involved in social causes at a local level, I decided to get down to work and expand my passion much further. I think the programme is an incredible opportunity to learn and meet new people full of energy and enthusiasm.

    Me llamo Paula, tengo 25 anos y soy de España. Después de llevar mucho tiempo involucrada en causas sociales a nivel local decidí ponerme manos a la obra y expandir mi pasión mucho mas lejos, una oportunidad increíble para aprender y conocer gente nueva llena de energía e ilusión. 


    1. Henrique from Brazil/Spain

    My name is Henrique, though born in Brazil, I was living in Spain for a few years before embarking on this adventure. At first, it feels exciting and terrifying to jump into it, yet upon arrival, one is received with smiles and enough information to feel like home. The work is hard, sure, but it is also fun. You work in a community with strangers from everywhere, you learn a lot about their past and cultures. For myself, all I can say is that I came looking for an answer to my future, and a way to grow. Sounds mysterious, I know, but that’s just life; sometimes one must take a plunge into the unknown to find an answer, as simple as the answer may be. The adventure may have just started, but much has happened, and much more is yet to come. Looking forward to what the future may bring and looking forward to all the new experiences to come.


    Je m’appelle Henrique, mais je suis né au Brésil. Je vivais en Espagne quelques années avant de me lancer dans cette aventure. Au début, il est excitant et terrifiant de se metre ici, mais à son arrivée, on reçoit un sourire et suffisamment d’informations pour se sentir chez soi. Le travail est difficile, biensure, mais amusant, car vous travaillez en communauté avec des étrangers de partout, vous en apprenez beaucoup sur leur passé et leur culture. Pour moi, tout ce que je peux dire, c’est que je suis venue à la recherche d’une réponse à mon avenir et d’une croissance à mon présent. Cela paraît mystérieux, je sais, mais c’est juste la vie; il faut parfois plonger dans l’inconnu pour trouver une réponse, aussi simple qu’elle puisse être. L’aventure vient peut-être de commencer, mais beaucoup de choses se sont passées et beaucoup plus à venir. Nous attendons avec impatience ce que l’avenir nous apportera et nous attendons avec impatience toutes les nouvelles expériences à venir.


    1. Maria from Portugal

    I’m Maria from Portugal with a passion for sports. I decided to join this programme because I just finished my master’s degree and thought it was time to try another type of experience in another country. I want to be part of something that makes a difference and can really improve someone’s life, not just for the moment but for a lifetime. I want to be among the people who fight the global inequality that we face every day. Also having the opportunity to do this while learning about new cultures and meeting fantastic people is undoubtedly a privilege.

    Olá! Sou a Maria, venho de Portugal e adoro desportos. Depois de ter terminado o mestrado aderi a este programa porque decidi que era a altura de ter uma experiência noutro país. Quero ser parte de algo que marque pela diferença e que consiga realmente melhorar a vida de alguém, não só naquele momento mas que possa ficar na vida dessas pessoas para sempre. Quero fazer parte da luta contra a desigualdade com que nos deparamos todos os dias. E ter a oportunidade para fazer isso enquanto conheço novas culturas e pessoas fantásticas é, sem dúvida, um privilégio. 


    1. Alazne and I’m from Spain

    Hey! My name is Alazne and I’m from Spain. I joined the program because I think it’s a great way to learn and contribute to creating a better world while travelling and meeting amazing people. I would like to make a way of life out of this experience.


    ¡Hola! Me llamo Alazne y soy de España. Me uní al programa porque creo que es una buena manera de aprender y crear un mundo mejor viajando y conociendo a gente maravillosa. Me encantaría hacer de esta experiencia mi forma de vida.




    A structured gap year can be just what you need.


    Lindersvold is an international learning center that facilitates courses in community development and certification in non-traditional pedagogy. Our Center provides an opportunity to learn about the big issues of our time while preparing to assist community-driven projects in Zambia, Malawi or Mozambique. We believe in combining hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, alongside community living, gives students the best foundation for working with sustainable development and vulnerable youth.

    Volunteer and find your people

    Long term volunteer programs consist of 3 periods

    3 months in the Learning Center in Denmark preparing yourself for project time. Knowing more about issues of the world, learning about cultural differences and a lot more. Helping to run the school.

    6 months in the projects in India, Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique working in various fields like Child Aid, Agriculture, Education, Community Development.

    3 months back in Denmark in the learning center to conclude and reflect on your program time. You will share your experience with the world by making presentations and written materials of your time here.



    International Family Day

    On International Family Day we wish to highlight some of the activities that our project partners do in order to support families and communities in these corona crisis times.

    Letter of Solidarity

    “I don’t really know how to start writing these lines for you, we don’t know each other, and even so I feel a lot of things that I would love to explain you…” Marina from Girona shares some of her thoughts with us.

    Tvind Olympic Games

    Olympic Games in Tvind 2019What if you could go to the Olympics and win a medal? The 13th and 14th we attended the Tvind Olympics in Denmark and had so much fun. Tvind Olympic Games is a big sports event with around 500 participants. This event is for children,...