Volunteer Experiences

Sara from Italy

Q) What was the main reason you joined our programme?

A) “I decided to attend this program because it was a challenge and an opportunity to take on a different lifestyle. Immediately when I found this program through Facebook I loved it so much. This experience gave me the opportunity travel and learn from many different people and their cultures.”

Q) What theoretical skills and practical skills did you gain from the volunteer programme

A) “This programme gave me many beautiful experiences. Because of this programme I had the opportunity to learn more about many topics, but not just in the classroom but also up close and in real life. I learned how to work in a team, to handle complicated situations and to deal with them a dynamic way.

Q) What project did you work in? What was your responsibility? What did you archive?

A) “I was working as a Development volunteer in a pre-school project in Malawi. Our responsibility was to develop the pre-schools and work with the project to improve what we could. After some investigations around the communities, we decided to build the pre-schools. We started with fundraising and was able to raise enough money to build six new school buildings together with the community. We also organized one teacher training course and one football tournament for the youth, together with smaller events.”

Q) Has your programme influenced your decisions for your future?

A) “This program changed me a lot. After my experience in Africa, I can say that this is the life I want to do, to work in the humanitarian field. And for this reason, I decided to continue this work as a teacher, training other volunteers.”

More Volunteer Experiences

“I decided to continue working on what I learned from all of the experiences. It was a life-changing experience where I developed myself and discovered what I want to do in the future.” 

Serhat from Turkey

DAPP MALAWI - Teacher Training

“This programme gave me an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, how to work in a team and I learned to handle complicated situations and how to deal with them dynamically.”

Sara from Italy

DAPP MALAWI - Preschools

“Our main achievement working in the project was the construction of preschools in the area around DAPP college. With fundraising and help from the community, we managed to build 6 structures” 

Greta from Italy

DAPP MALAWI - Preschools