Safety measures – COVID-19

The rapid development and easy transmission of the COVID-19 virus make it an extremely dangerous phenomenon. In order to prevent further spreading and protect ourselves and the people around us, it is wise to follow basic safety measures and comply with government regulations. It is a matter of time for things to get back to normal and the sooner we take the issue seriously the faster we will overcome it. Here are the things we can all easily do to stay safe.


1.      Wash your hands well

Do it frequently and well, use soap and hot water or alcohol-based hand rub. This kills viruses that might be on your hands.

2.      Social Distance

Maintain at least 1-3 meters distance between you and other people. COVID-19 is easily transmitted and many people don’t have clear symptoms.

3.      Avoid touching your face

Hands touch many surfaces and can easily pick up viruses. Touching your eyes, mouth, or nose makes your body infected.

4.      Respiratory Hygiene

Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when sneezing and coughing. Dispose of used tissues immediately and breathe clean air.

5.      Stay in

The virus is spreading quickly and you might be infected without even knowing. Stay home if possible and avoid further expanding the epidemic.

6.      Contact your doctor if you show symptoms

If you have a fever, you cough and have difficulty breathing, seek medical advice and follow instructions. Local authorities are informed about the situation and can give adequate advice.

7.        Don’t panic

Panic and stress will not help – they actually weaken the immune system. Remain calm and follow instructions to stay safe.

8.      Don’t take unnecessary medications

Antibiotics do not work against the virus. Do not stuff yourself with unnecessary medication as it might have a negative effect. Instead, eat healthy food and provide yourself with nutrients


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