In this article you can read about a team who are in their last preparations to leave to volunteer for a project in Zambia.

going to Ndola

Ndola is the place we have chosen or Ndola is the place that has chosen us!  Ndola is the second biggest city in Zambia where DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) has their main office. This is where our first travel together will firstly take us and where we will be distributed to commence our project work. A travel that could be compared to the first travellers of the world, and why not to the first group of Danish travellers who were the seed of so many pure and good intentions. Our intentions are similar, never with the approach of imposing our culture, but with the respect deserved for those who were there before us… Zambians and their ancestors, and whichever ethnicity they are part of. 

A structured gap year can be just what you need.

My team partook in a day in the classroom in which we talked about what we liked about each other and also about the things we could improve. That day I personally realised what an exceptional opportunity we all have for growing wiser.  On that day we decided that the five of us would go to the same project country, Zambia.

Child Aid projects

Once in Zambia, we will be distributed to different projects by the project coordinator, Lawrence. We met him just yesterday and with a broad smile he introduces us to the various projects DAPP are involved with. Child Aid Zambia will host us for six months and open their doors for us so we can work on some of their development actions. We are given the opportunity to plan, design, implement and maintain results focusing our time and energy on some of the projects run by DAPP.

No third world

Projects that we have read about only in paper will become a reality and part of us. We have heard on different occasions how difficult it is to make a change in a short time span, we have read about old prejudice and about the wrong approach of the development industry. We believe there is no third world, only one world in which we are all only guests. We plan to make our stay, our journey, a profitable one in all senses.



My team did not know each other one month ago when we started the programme. However, we have grown closer in a way that only mutual partnership can achieve. A month after and here we are, working and creating together as a group. We came a month ago to Denmark with our own personal expectations as individuals. Weeks passed by, and here we are, aware of and nurturing our unique identities that enable us to strengthen our collective mind. Now, we Carolina, Fatou, Franziska, Pilar and I breathe as a group.

“My team did not know each other one month ago, when we started the programme. However, we have grown closer in a way that only mutual partnership can achieve.”


Did you know?

In Ndola you can see
The Slave Tree or Mukuyu Slave Tree around which Arab slave traders held slave markets in the nineteenth century

6-month project period

During the 6-month project period, you will live and work in a community in either Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia or India. You will participate as a volunteer at a community-led long-term project at a Humana People to People project.

However, it is impossible to be a good volunteer without listening to and understanding the needs of the community where you will work. Therefore, you will spend time at the beginning of the project period to get to know the people and the community – to listen and learn.

As a volunteer, you will work with a project within one of the Humana People to People’s focus areas. They can include Health, Education, Agriculture, Community Development or Environment. For example: Young Farmers’ Club in Zambia, Early Childhood Development centres in Malawi or Kadam Step Up in India, which aims at supporting out-of-school children to go back to school.

International Family Day

On International Family Day we wish to highlight some of the activities that our project partners do in order to support families and communities in these corona crisis times.

Letter of Solidarity

“I don’t really know how to start writing these lines for you, we don’t know each other, and even so I feel a lot of things that I would love to explain you…” Marina from Girona shares some of her thoughts with us.

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