Mother’s Day

Since ancient Greece we have celebrated motherhood and fertility in the spring, when the land is once again coming to life with warmth and abundance – and still throughout the world today Mother’s Day has a special place in many hearts.

We are not celebrating Mothers Day on the same date worldwide. Some countries have teamed it up with International Women’s Day, Virgin Mary or the Spring Equinox and some even celebrate in the fall, but many countries have now agreed on the second Sunday in May to celebrate motherhood.

The date may vary, but the joy is the same. Children making cards or drawings and serving breakfast in bed or baking cakes for their mothers, has become a tradition in a long line of countries now. Lately the modern world has entered the initial idea and commercialized the day more and more. It is becoming a question of expensive perfume or exclusive dinners that not everybody can participate in – or don’t want to.

Some old traditions still linger. In many Arab countries children of all ages still kiss their mother’s hand to show respect, and in Egypt they play a certain song. In Serbia the children are being tied up with rope and only set free if they promise to behave all day. Though it could be tempting for some mothers to keep the children there for a while, Serbia also have Children’s Day, where the mother and father is tied up, so some revenge could be in order.

Traditions fade and new ones appear, but it seems like the whole world agrees that without mothers there would be no life. The honouring of life and motherhood goes hand in hand, and heartfelt appreciations will always bring tears to a mother’s eyes. We should celebrate our mothers every day, but at least one day a year many people come together to praise life. That is definitely worth celebrating.



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