May Team remembers. 

In this article our May team member Manuel is writing his experience in people’s exam. 

people’s exam

Most of us were unknown to each other before we arrived here. We did not have shared memories. We came here with our specific skills, our private experiences and with our unique attitude. We were individuals and 3 months after we can confirm that we have gain skills, we have added experiences and our attitude have been shaped by them. And this is the explanation on how we would like to understand it. 


There is an experiencing-self inside all of us as well as a narrating-self. Our experiencing-self lives each and every one of our memories and writes them in our brain with transparent ink, filling no space but leaving a bookmark behind so we can access it anytime we wish to. Then our narrating-self every time we need to use any of those precious memories uses the peak-end rule, it remembers the peak and the end of every memory. 


Today in this People Exam we are doing exactly that. We are living proof of it. We have reached so many peaks during our time here that once reached our view have gotten broader and clearer. We honestly say that our perspective on many topics has acquired a more factual and decent analysis. 


We live in tormented times, we are being the whiteness of the spread of misinformation, distorted news, prejudices are being shared on human networks more than ever using electronic tools, articles and images of hatred are being used to harvest acts of cruelty, to change human behavior for the worse. We are capable of barbaric atrocities in the name of false idols. For the first time in human history, we have categorized the use of data as a weapon. However, the pieces of information that really gets written in our DNA, and influence our concept of free will, are messages of survival and resistance, what we really want to hear are big solutions and great ideas.


The newer generations, like the girls in my team, are pushing further for knowledge. We know much more today about geopolitics, climate change and the warming of our planet, sustainable ways of agriculture such as permaculture, sources of energy and the consequences of the use of fossil fuels, development in different countries, diplomacy, the infamous debt trap, health, malnutrition, epidemics such as the one caused by HIV or Malaria, poverty in rich countries, globalised economy. And to name just a few skills we have learned how to cook healthy, how to bake bread, help with the running of a day school in a developed country, investigate about matters of importance and to care about others. Those skills have become part of our little superpowers, a list of assets from which to grow and from where to share and pass on to the next holders of passion. For it is exactly that, passion, what brought us here, to Lindersvold. Our narrating-self is going to remember these last days at Lindersvold and will send an instant smile to our faces wherever we choose to be. May Team remembers. 


There is always a sense of pride when a teacher sees the results of their efforts fulfilled, as well as the student,  keeps deep in their hearts the names of those teachers that shaped their conscience without asking for anything in return. We are going to do just that. This is no goodbye, all of you are traveling with us.

A structured gap year can be just what you need.


Lindersvold is an international learning center that facilitates courses in community development and certification in non-traditional pedagogy. Our Center provides an opportunity to learn about the big issues of our time while preparing to assist community-driven projects in Zambia, Malawi or Mozambique. We believe in combining hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, alongside community living, gives students the best foundation for working with sustainable development and vulnerable youth.

Volunteer and find your people

Long term volunteer programs consist of 3 periods

3 months in the Learning Center in Denmark preparing yourself for project time. Knowing more about issues of the world, learning about cultural differences and a lot more. Helping to run the school.

6 months in the projects in India, Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique working in various fields like Child Aid, Agriculture, Education, Community Development.

3 months back in Denmark in the learning center to conclude and reflect on your program time. You will share your experience with the world by making presentations and written materials of your time here.



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