Letter of solidarirty from Marina in Spain

Dear Reader

I don’t really know how to start writing these lines for you, we don’t know each other, and even so I feel a lot of things that I would love to explain you. First of all, let me give you a little introduction of myself. My name is Marina, I am 24 years old and I live in a little village in Girona, which is located in Catalonia, Spain

In the past years, I started thinking about my direction in life and what I really wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to work with people and support to my best ability, and I started to get interested in development work. I also knew I was interested in the health area, so I started my nursing studies, with the idea of focus on cooperation. Now I am working as a nurse since July 2019.


Coping in these unpleasant times

There is no need to tell we are facing difficult and unpleasant times that we could never have imagined. And personally, I have never thought that after only eight months of working, and still considering myself a nursing student, I should be in this situation. But the aim of these words, are not to explain how we are facing to it, I think it isn’t necessary, I think you have your own experiences. 

What I really want to express is how I can’t stop thinking about the first lockdown day. None of us could imagine how it would be. Suddenly, our life stopped; our day-to-day was forced to change. It stopped our plans, for some of you working at projects, I know you had to return home, for others it was changes in your daily routines. And the lockdown goes on, with some easing out in different areas.

With it, all of us feel a lot of emotions and for sure we are not alone although you can sometimes feel that way. You are surrounded by people who are feeling similar emotions as yours. Humans are social animals, and in these days when we have been forced to break with our social nets, it is really important to keep them alive. 


It’s OK not to be OK

So, let yourself feel anything you feel. I know it isn’t nice being scared, with the bitter sensation of insecurity, uncertainty or fear. It’s normal you sometimes feel this way. But as there was a start, also there will be an end.

So, I encourage you to explain to others how you feel, it may help you to channel this emotional “boom”. And also, share the good emotions because there also are a lot of them. I think every person is like a mirror, and what you reflect will reflect back to you, so imagine how powerful it is when we communicate positive emotions to each other!


My experiences to stay positive

Let me explain you some little things that make my emotions more positive:

  • Having a daily routine: I have make a “things to do list” with different things I like to do, and depending on how I feel, I invest my time in doing them. Also is has been really helpful to go to bed and get up at more or less the same time every day, as well as with your meal times. And don’t forget you also have to allow yourself to get rest, in social networks seems you are obligated being active 100% of the day every day, so you have to find a healthy balance!


  • Having a good sleep. Related with the previous point, it has been studied that if the brain has a structure, your body recognises when it’s time to sleep. I recommend you turn off things as mobiles phones or laptops, because their screens makes something called “blue light” and it doesn’t allow your pineal gland to secrete melatonin, the hormone which orders your body going to sleep (sorry, suddenly my nurse vein appears, haha). 


  • Being active: practicing some sports will allows you feeling better. It can be a useful skill for releasing the energy you have inside. At the same time you generate a lot of “happiness hormone”, so it will help you feeling happier (and also tired for a better sleep!).


  • Practising yoga: for me it’s a good key for helping my mind being relaxed, and also for improving my body and breathing consciousness. I am sure you will get surprised by yourself and your body abilities!


  • Trying something new: lockdown has a good point, and it is that you can give time to yourself for discovering new things, as new recipes, painting, looking into new subjects you have never looked before, playing music, dancing, writing about your feelings or reflections (I am sure you are getting a lot of them)… Let your imagination fly, and I am sure you will be surprised. 


  • Keeping a powerful immune system: healthy habits and positive emotions keep our immune system on (and these days keep our immune system boosted is really important). A part of what I explained before, I think that we are what we eat, so I recommend you keeping a healthy diet. Also, there are a lot of foods that helps on it, and you can introduce them on your day to day meals, for example: garlic, green leaves vegetables as spinach, ginger, fruit (especially the citrus ones), pumpkin, sweet potato, thyme, green tea,… (you can look for a lot of interesting information about it, and also focus it as something new to do!).

It can be difficult to think when this situation will be over, but what I think about is that one day more, is one day less and every day is a new achievement. Stay as positive and hopeful as you can, there will be a lot to work to do when this period is over. 

I send to all of you lot of love and good vibes, and also a strong and healthy hug on distance of course.

Yours sincerely,


A structured gap year can be just what you need.

“I think every person is like a mirror, and what you reflect will reflect back to you, so imagine how powerful it is when we communicate positive emotions to each other!”




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