by Corinne Koch from Italy

During this program, we are entering in contact with another kind of life: a community life. Before coming here, I had only an idea about the kind of challenges and positive elements I might meet in community life. Here we are a part of an organized community with the task to look after the school in all its aspects, starting with the practical maintenance of the building to the creation of a stimulating environment, culturally speaking.

It is with true collaboration between teachers, students and in general with all the people who are living at the school that it is possible to reach all these goals. To make this happen, one of the most important aspects is the common meeting, the point in which all of us put as much effort as possible to organize what to do, what is needed to improve, what we could change. Without hierarchy, everyone is
listened to by the rest, and after a discussion about different solutions, every decision is made by a common agreement.
But besides being part of the school, I’m also part of a team, the January 10 Months Team 2019. With my other teammates, we are sharing almost every aspect of our life here at the school. This was one of the biggest challenges I had, to plan every
single day in accordance to others needs, with people I didn’t know yet. But it was also one of the most beautiful surprises I had. In only two months we have built up a strong relationship that I thought wasn’t possible. We support each other without asking anything in return and even if sometimes we have some issues due to the fact that we are seven different people with our own background and experiences,
we are always looking towards our final goal – the reason why we are here: to go and fight shoulder to shoulder with The Poor in Southern Africa – and immediately we find a solution.
With this experience, I start to appreciate being part of a team, and it is also thanks to this that I m putting myself 100% in this program: I know we are together in this and each of my faults is affecting all my Core Group. But also every success I can
reach has more value than merely the individual one.