Finances for take 10 programme

The volunteering period (6 months) is fully funded by our project partner, Humana People to People – see below.

However, in order to have qualified volunteers who have relevant knowledge and understanding about development work, Humana People to People demand that prospective volunteers go through a 3-month preparation period prior to arriving at the projects.

The training at the learning center costs €2,700. The prospective volunteer pays this fee.

The training fee covers the volunteer’s basic expenses for the four months at the learning center, which includes accommodation in a shared room, three meals a day and team programme expenses such as books, films, sports equipment, stationery, field trips etc.

What is covered

Accommodation, transport, food, programme elements, materials, flights to the project and back, insurance,


What is not covered

Pocket money, flight tickets to the home country

Finances for Climate Activist Programme

How much does it cost?

When enrolling into the programme you will have to pay an enrolment fee of € 400  – Thereafter the full cost of the programme is € 8000 – this covers food, accommodation, programme, materials, and flights to and back from the project

If you don’t have money to start Climate Activist Programme

Saving up is a possibility

Most of our participant join what we call the Saving Up Period where you can come to the school 6 months before the program start and fundraise all the money together with your team.

In the saving up period, you would come here to the school 6 months before the programme, when you come you will have a room and also eat at the school until your activities start. As soon as your team is all here you will start to look for jobs, it can be that we already have some jobs for some of the period, but we cannot guarantee it. We want to help you as much as we can to find the jobs, but your team also have to be ready actively search for jobs. Many times there are jobs here in Denmark or the surrounding countries. Most of our students have been able to save up all the money this way. The thing you will have to be prepared for is that the jobs can be many things and some can be quite tough. Such as construction, garden farming, cleaning, driving or production. I know it might sound hard, but in many ways, this period also prepares you for when the project in St. Vincent since you will gain some experience in many ways. The idea is also you are with your team and all of you are trying to fundraise the money together not individually, which makes sure you all reach the goal together.

Other expenses
  • Health insurance for the four months at the learning center will be financed by you or through a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
  • Personal items such as medication, toiletries, sim card, laptop and any other personal expenses will be covered by yourself for the duration of the programme.