Another kind of christmas calendar 

December has arrived quickly and Christmas is around the corner. An advent calendar is an age-long tradition and this year here at DRH Lindersvold we have decided to take part in our own unique way.

December is the time when people tend to realize the importance of kindness, warm hearts, and doing good. We believe this should be a year-long habit and kindness, understanding and unity should never leave our hearts and minds.

Usually, advent calendars are used to count the days in anticipation for Christmas and reward kids with chocolate or sweet treats. We decided to add our own twist and celebrate each day by doing something good for ourselves and for others.

We have created 24 prompts – 1 for each day of December before Christmas. Each of them promotes doing something valuable for yourself, helping other people, or making your contribution towards a better future.

Let us know what you think and if you will be taking part.

International Family Day

On International Family Day we wish to highlight some of the activities that our project partners do in order to support families and communities in these corona crisis times.

Letter of Solidarity

“I don’t really know how to start writing these lines for you, we don’t know each other, and even so I feel a lot of things that I would love to explain you…” Marina from Girona shares some of her thoughts with us.

Fight with the bees

 Fight with the bees Humanity's food production depend on bees of various kinds pollunationg the crops. However, du the exaggerated use of pesticies, the bees are dying, causing the collapse of entire colonies.   We have to actively do something to support bees....