5 ways to find international friends

In the world today we are seeing a lot of lonely people. People who have maybe 2000 followers on Instagram or 3000 friends on Facebook but still are sitting home alone.

Coming out

With all the electronic devices and social media we have today, a lot of us have seen or encountered foreigners in some way. But how do you become friends with some of these cool people that lives around the world? We tend to become a bit too comfortable in our shell, and it takes some courage to step out of our comfort zone and take action in our lives.
It can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some suggestions for finding interesting international friends.

1. Facebook groups

Join a new Facebook group. Find something that interest you. Books, movies or a hobby you have. Find people all over the world sharing your passion. Learn how others love the same books or movies that you do.

2. New hobby

Find a new hobby. Start taking dance lessons, language classes or learn about food and wine. Very often this opens your mind to new habits, new countries and even sometimes traveling to the home country of the dance, the wine or the language.

3. Apps

There are apps to help you find new friends. Places like Nearify and Friender helps you find people, who are also looking for company. That also comes in handy, if you are at a new place.

4. Travel

It goes without saying that moving yourself from your everyday life will make it easier to meet international friends. But it is not enough to just go there. You have to actually smile at people and talk to them too.

5. Volunteer

This is an excellent option to travel while still being safe. It is kind of all of the above in one. While volunteering you will meet people from all over the world, find new hobbies and people to do stuff with, while you are visiting new places. And of course you get to travel. But with a couple of other volunteers and there will be people receiving you at your destination.

A structured gap year can be just what you need.


Lindersvold is an international learning center that facilitates courses in community development and certification in non-traditional pedagogy. Our Center provides an opportunity to learn about the big issues of our time while preparing to assist community-driven projects in Zambia, Malawi or Mozambique. We believe in combining hands-on training with theoretical knowledge, alongside community living, gives students the best foundation for working with sustainable development and vulnerable youth.

Volunteer and find your people

Long term volunteer programs consist of 3 periods

3 months in the Learning Center in Denmark preparing yourself for project time. Knowing more about issues of the world, learning about cultural differences and a lot more. Helping to run the school.

6 months in the projects in India, Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique working in various fields like Child Aid, Agriculture, Education, Community Development.

3 months back in Denmark in the learning center to conclude and reflect on your program time. You will share your experience with the world by making presentations and written materials of your time here.



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