Why did you choose to volunteer with our organization?

I choose this program because it offered me the opportunity to learn new things, know many people from all around the world and travel, making myself useful at the same time.

What country did you go and what did you work within your project?

The project for my team as climate activist was to go to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the Richmond Vale Academy. Where various projects are developed and aimed at the sustainable development of communities. My team had a different task each month. The first month we organized lessons for the women of the village and to make presentations for the primary schools. We were talking about topics such as climate change, the importance of the trees, health and nutrition and organic farming.
At the same time in the school, we also used to devote some practical actions related to the care of the environment and gardening.
The second month we planned the construction of a home garden and the construction of cages for rabbits.
The third and last month was dedicated to knowledge of the country, so we visited another island where we had interviews with the people.
We spent time also with Rastafarian people to understand better their culture.

Why volunteers matter in the community we serve?

Because these communities are developing countries where access to education is low. So, people need someone that can teach them new knowledge and new skills and also that help them to make projects.

What did you learn by volunteering?

I learned to see things from the point of view of the people we helped and to find suitable solutions for them.

How this experience has affected your life?

This experience was very important for me, it helped me to understand myself more and to have more confidence and courage in my actions. Learned that every little action has a great effect on people’s lives, and I should share my experience.

Anything else you want people to know…

I would like to share my experience with as many people as possible, St Vincent and the Grenadines is a beautiful country. I want people to know that despite so many difficulties what local people have, they always smile and share what little they have. Make people understand that we can work together and that if we want to help the planet, we must learn to be more intimate with nature and respect it.  Remain in their own comfortable “normal life” is not a good solution in the long run.

Adriana from Italy, Climate Activist, October 2018