Cyclone Idai – Too Much to Bear!

Cyclone Idai - Too Much to Bear!

We from DRH Lindersvold express our deepest condolences to families and communities who suffer profoundly during the aftermath of Cyclone IDAI, one of the largest natural disasters to hit the Southern hemisphere. After some weeks of heavy rain in the region, Cyclone IDAI swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe 12 days ago, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Mozambique was hardest hit with the city of Beira bearing the brunt force of the cyclone with what is reported as 90% of the city being destroyed… whilst hundreds of kilometres away in Malawi, Zimbabwe and other parts of Mozambique flooding has taken and ruined lives of young and old, swept away homes, tore down electricity cables and telecommunications infrastructure leaving people without the ability to communicate or request emergency aid. Horror story after horror story of people (in the thousands) waiting for emergency rescue that has yet to come, tears a clump out of each our humanity. Multitudinous numbers of families and communities have lost everything with close to 1.7 million people affected by the floodwater. With cases of cholera having been reported last Friday and malaria cases on the rise, it is just time to take a deep pause.

Cyclone Idai - Too Much to Bear!

Yet again we witness even more trauma heaped upon some of poorest people of the world who have already suffered so much. This apocalypse is one that no living being ever wants to see or experience. I think about Mozambicans, Malawians and Zimbabweans who are fighting for their lives today. I think about the future of those people whose lives are shattered and who search for family members in the rubble. I think about the future conditions for mankind and I think about the life of all other species with super-storms becoming the norm. I think about my children and the future they are inheriting from us. I think about the fact that these circumstances are being caused by the over-consumption of those of us in the western and some eastern parts of the world, ultimately, those of us living unsustainable lives in the global north. And I think, hell, what are we going to do about it!

As we bear witness to the grievous conditions of this cyclone there is need to look both outwards and inwards at the same time…Cyclone Idai - Too Much to Bear!

Outwards to connect to and support the phenomenal work and efforts being done by countless organizations and thousands of ordinary people on the ground in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe…

And inwards in connection with which changes you and I are willing to make to avoid the countless upcoming disasters that ruin lives and leave people with no home, and with deep psychological scars and fears for their future.

Dear Reader,
With eyes wide open, taking in these realities,
It is time to take action!
What will you do?
And with eyes wide open, taking in these realities
What will we as the collective of today do
To build up the tomorrows
For man, for beast,
And for the bouquet of life that makes up our planet?
Otherwise it is simply too much to bear.

By Tina Whittington