For a better future for our world

for a better future for our world

During our last period of studies we got to know more about acts of protest. Why people protest, what drives them, how they can achieve change and transform the society. In this context, our team went to Copenhagen on the 20th of January to be part of a Climate Protest together with 500 hundred more people.

The aim of this gathering was to make the danish politicians understand how people are interested and are currently fighting for a more sustainable future. The government needs to be aware that people want a green change and we will vote for a better future for our world. The use of fossil fuels is slowly killing our environment and ourselves. We need to take responsibility for what is happening and start changing immediately before it’s too late to do something.

Together we formed a human chain around the parliament and we could feel the power of people and the strong connection between everyone. Hand in hand, we stood together with a common belief and value: to protect our world from the damage we’re causing.

In this demonstration we were able to get closer to what makes someone fight for a certain cause and how they can do it to cause an impact that can lead to transformation. Also, we realize that people can become very powerful when they act together.

As climate activists this subject becomes really interesting to dig in and study more about. We need to act and fight for what we believe is right. As humans we have the intelligence to create, build, love and also destroy. As a species, we also have the capacity to follow our instincts and we should follow the basic one: Protect one another and the environment around us in order to have as a peaceful life.

To understand is to transform. We all have the knowledge about climate change and global warming but what we did learn is how to put it into practice, how to really make a difference in the world we live.




By Vanessa