Winter Concert Camp

Winter Concert Camp

The Winter Concert Camp 2019 was a preparatory camp of one week to prepare the Winter Concert annual event that was started 34 years ago. The camp was joined by volunteers, Development Instructors and students from the Teacher Training College at Tvind. There were people coming from all over the Europe, Asian countries and American countries. In total we were around 40 volunteers. The purpose of the camp was (1) to prepare for the arrival of the musicians for 3 days, and then host them for 3 days before their performance, (2) to learn how to be useful in all ways and (3) to work in the community.

A week full of challenges and surprises was about to start in Tvind. A lot of people with different cultures and different backgrounds met together in order to fulfil the expectations about the Winter Concert 2019. It was really challenging to accept different ideas and relating with so many people in the same area. But on the other hand working with more people gave us a more open horizon and many times it was easier to find better solutions.

The day we met:
The division of tasks was already prepared and each of us at the camp had to chose in which group to work:

  • The accommodation team was responsible for cleaning and preparing the rooms where musicians would stay for four days.
  • The hosting team emerged the day musicians came and they were responsible for all the comfort and good care of them.
  • The kitchen team prepared every day fresh food for giving us relaxed and creating energetic moments.
  • The transportation team was in charge of all the shopping needed including food and special requests along with driving musicians and other people where needed.
  • The common area team prepared pretty decorations to make the common spaces according to the theme of the week.
  • The outside area team cleaned all the smoking areas, created new ones and also they made maintenance of the Zimbabwean statues belonging to the camp area.
  • The media team had to always have open eyes to capture every single moment of the program.
  • The morning cleaning was distributed by each person picking an area.

Winter Concert Camp

At the beginning everything was new; the Tvind school area, the people and also the tasks we were about to start. However with the help of the leaders of the camp program everything was managed. Whenever we needed we could ask them, therefore it was easier to execute all the tasks in the right time and with the necessary quality. Also good relationships were established between the different personalities at the camp.

In the middle of the week, some of us had to create new groups due to new demands. A stage group was a new concept and it was great for those who learned how to do it. In fact, each of the different groups learned a lot and mainly we learn how to build comradeship.

At the end of the week everyone felt useful and proud of the completed tasks that we made happen. We’ve been busy all the time doing specific tasks or some last minute tasks and also developing our relationship with our team. With the support of the camp, with the input of the musicians we created a space full of energy. We shared amazing cultures, hugs, karaoke songs, food and hope with an infusion of love and humanity. It was a brilliant experience for those of us who lived it and I definitely would do it again.

In conclusion, we returned to our diverse lives knowing that people united have the power to create whatever we want to. So let’s stay together and build an equal place for each of us!


By Alexis from Portugal